My compositions

I wrote all these... just for fun. Here's what I've cranked together so far.

Fear My original story that started all the writing. Unfinished Fear II The unfinished sequel to Fear. Diary. This is the public version of the Diary, the (almost) full account of events that happened to me in Russia.
Sam. My longest story so far; since it took me 3 years to come up with a name for it! And someone said I wouldn't! :-) Diary 2000, or The Story Of A Little Boy. Here is the publically-edited Diary of my second trip to Russia. Enjoy! Insightful Quotes. A simple list of quote I have assembled.
The Boat A beautiful piece of imagery, filled with parts of my dreams and imagination. It continues an old metaphor created a few weeks ago. (5/15/01) A Short Story Because this ends so many beginnings, it is only a short story, and nothing more. Dedicated to my true friends. (6/29/01) A Dream. An imaginary dialogue between two people, with more imagery than anything else I've written. Ask if you want to to understand it.
Introduction Introduction to my 2003 NaNoWriMo story. (02-Nov-03)

I wrote some poems too.

To Keejo. A cute little poem I wrote for Keejo for her birthday. The Cure. Note: this poem is an example of an extended metaphor. Yea (hmm, I wonder who else spells it this way =P), it does have rhymes and no rhythm. I just wrote it when once I felt bad. (More specifically, when I destroyed a bridge, or so it felt.) Incoherent Transmutations. The best and most expressive poem I've ever written. It captures the essence of what I felt. Dedicated to Ivee.
The Divine Strife. LeeAnne (by the way, it's dedicated to you), without knowining you I would not have written it. It contains so much symbolism and ambiguity that I myself cannot completely understand it. The Light. As a result of my overall frustration with some people, I decided to write this poem. Indeed, it does start off gloomy; but the whole poem is positive and perfectly matches with "Voices in the Dark," a song written by unknown artist, claiming to be Enigma. Dedicated to Irina. The Descent. I wanted to make a gentle and loving poem, and I think I succeeded in some parts. The setting is inside at first and outside later. The sun is setting, and warm breeze flows through the lands. The sky is red and gray, and the air is pleasant and calm. There is no pity; there is no looking back. This is the next necessary step in the natural course of life. Dedicated to Irina.
To Her. This sonnet was written in a car, to and from Los Angeles, on May 9, 2001. Who she is only a few people know, and only a few people will know. But it's a great sonnet! :-)

Hidden meanings? For those, you ought to ask me.