A Dream

And now, for the imaginary ones.

&: I had to slice spaghetti with a knife today.
%: Why?
&: It all stuck together and I had not wanted to warm all of it up concurrently.
%: Did the dish land safely?
&: This sauce was good, but Four Cheese is better.
%: A society's strict regime inhibits the flow of creativity and impedes change.
&: Can you not see the obvious flashes of anger and hurt?
%: The warm fountain of support and care, orange leaves piling up on the bottom like tiny golden coins, disappearing in the crevices of time.
&: The red tomato sauce was filled with black diced mushrooms. Topped on that were tiny flakes of white grated cheese, melted together under a suffocating cover of polyethylene.
%: Death is an angel with black wings and a crying soul.
&: So when will the snow melt in the flames of ethereal furnace? Do the crystalline droplets pierce the Kevlar of the present? Winter has fallen.
%: You are a butterfly, fluttering about with your colourful wings, beautifying the world with your radiant presence.
&: Drawn by the hand of a little girl, the sun sets behind the moors of an uncharted forest.
%: Magical aura protrudes through the treetops of giant sequoias.
&: Collected and squeezed from the finest apple gardens, the juice was pleasantly accepted.
%: By the way, men and women gathered in the square.
&: Did the dish land safely?
%: Tip over the goblet of gurgling mush; encapsulated in the lattice you will find a great taste.
&: She thinks I'm crazy. But I'm not, I tell you, it's the truth, I tell you, just open your mind.
%: Fresh breeze fluttered the stack of organized paper documents.
&: Right-click on ?My? and select ?Manager.? You, you, will see the list of sites, web sites to menagerie.
%: It is interesting when you speak of it, a bluish green light indicating the proper times for spontaneity.
&: Regard and impose the unyielding elements of personal culture onto the other's behaviour?
%: Introduce the other to the array of events and locations that constituted much of the past and contributed to the growth of self.
&: In the attempt to reconstruct the past, present beliefs are reformed and reinforced, narrowing the gap between the gates between the extensiveness of the outside world and the insight into the inside mind.
%: A poet offers much to the society and little to self.
&: Ghosts of the past dwell in my dreams and thrive in my nightmares.
%: The stallion halted in the midst of the prairie, neighing as the ground gave way to the city emerging from beneath.
&: But why allow these bits inhabit the present? While they will always be remembered, there is no life if there is no change.
%: You've changed but you've stayed the same. I've stayed the same, but I've changed.
&: I've created for myself a harnessed world but later disposed of it. You've created for yourself an imitation, hoping that I would accept it.
%: Due to the continental drift, while the fundamental frequency remained constant, the phases shifted. Our signal was lost.
&: I see through walls, I hear across the miles, I walk through mountains, and I melt frozen time. But I do not read minds.
%: Each new wave tosses me about the shore. Yet, the air is cold.
&: I built a box using wood and I sewed a pillow using your dreams. The box is for sleeping and the pillow is for crying.
%: Perhaps the vertex that you seek lies on the line?
&: Electronic mail requires no telephones. Conversations require no stamps. But repairs require time.
%: I walk around in a circle, trying to find its opposite ends. Time is in its center.
&: I am dispersed among a few centres and a few borders.
%: Centripetal and centrifugal forces share the same relationship as do words and actions.
&: You're simple, I'm plain. You're complex, I'm hard. You're guilty, I'm at fault.
%: Large massive rocks slide side by side, similar in their differences.
&: Things were changed, then they changed. I am a ghost.
%: Fire spreads from tree to tree. Are matches not to blame?
&: Branches bloom and host flowers, spreading their beauty and exposing their hearts.
%: I fly.