The Picture Gallery


This one accompanies one cool poem I wrote.

Dream Realm

I do not know where I got the idea for it. Amy, the character of Fear II, was on my mind... :)


The title speaks for itself.


This picture only barely resembles a flood. It is weird.


I drew this picture in Russia using Paint. It turned out pretty nice! For all my friends back in Russia!

Austere Star

This one is supposed to represent me in a way.

The Tower Of Art

At last people begin to see the world my way--one of the main ideas of the art. I have converted 3 people to seeing the tower, thus changing the entire picture. Can you see a ball on top of the tall tower?


Happy New Year! That's exactly when I drew this. It's a slide, take a closer look and you'll see it. Dedicated to Ivee.

Through the Wormhole

I think this one is really pretty. I had no idea, as always, that it would turn out the way it did, but it did, and I like it. :)

Double World

After a long writer's block, I drew this picture. I don't know why I called it like this either.

The Imprint of the World Under the Glass Dome

Yes, it has a long title, and the picture itself is rather unusual too.


Even though this picture was made first, I named it after its imitation (still done by me). It's bright and new, and yet it reminds me of so much... Dedicated to LeeAnne.

Crystal Ball

Completed 5/18/00 in about 30 minutes, mostly due to this one emotion. The image: it's not a circle, yet, it's a crystal ball. Only by looking deep inside will you find its message. It takes the elements of both Through the Wormhole and Harmony, yet, it is an individual piece. Dedicated to LeeAnne.


A really funky (cool word) picture I drew... Not dedicated to anyone because I don't really like it. It's peaceful though...


The title is taken from Robert Miles. Dedicated to Ivee.


It might have a different effect on you. Try it.

The Drift

The Continents, unstoppably, always drift apart,
Leaving an inevitable hole in the map.
The faster they are drifting, the bigger hole will be.
That's why, to plug that hole, that's why you needed me!

Cute, eh?


Drawn the day after Crystal's party. (Sorry, Tiffany, that I didn't goto yours.) Black lights, music, a dancing room, and a couch make all the difference.


"Look around just people, can you hear their voice?" This one took me a long time to name, and even longer time to complete. It's got so many lines and colours that you can't distinguish the plot... Just like my dreams. Dedicated to Ira.

The Cell

A really good picture showing my feeling trapped. While my imagination has colourful shapes, my reality is a bunch of squares. (Explained literally.) Dedicated to LeeAnne.

Electric Planet

An interesting picture, that shows how messed up my mind was when I was drawing it... Crazy, jumbled, effervescent, trapped, etc... Dedicated to LeeAnne.


1/7/02 The first picture of this year, drawn in Journalism room, on my raid of LJHS. It's simple and beautiful, just like true love. Dedicated to LeeAnne.

The Flame

2/2/02 This can as well be called "Rage" after Charmeleon's Rage Attack. Or a vivid shot of my thoughts.

Cathedral City

4/8-9/02. They don't deserve. It's not for them. It's for me. Solve it.

Sam's Cabin

June '02. My first 3D-modelled image. Drawn using Bryce 5. I very well associate with it, as I've spent so much time thinking about it and drawing it.

Midnight Sun

7/26/02. Drawn with my left hand. I like it. Dedicated to Amanda.


My antialiased raytraced CS image.

Attack of the Shadows

Creation to be copied from