The Descent

Perfect spheres made of glass
Are soaring down to the floor.
Through beams of dark and dampened light
The droplets one another pass
And smash each other in their soar:
They one another start to fight,
To reach the end, to reach the light;
To peek at outside the door,
To learn the world. But yet, alas!
'Tis not disclosed to their sight.
They know naught of it before
To tears droplets were amassed.

The silver rain perfects the grass.
The beauty has not yet been seen
By mortal's eye. The slivers spread.
The room then fills with ringing chimes
And sparkling gems that have not been
Collected, healed, or kicked ahead.

A gust of wind excites the leaves,
Which, too, arise to dance and spin,
Lest this may be their only chance
To view the sight before they leave
To lay in final beds, akin
To dreams demolished just by chance.

In zephyr's eye resides a shape
Enclosed by a veil of mist.
Extended, rests a source of light,
A crystal shining through the cape
But learning naught about the myst
That's covered by the frigid light.

He kneels to earth and bows to skies.
A thunder roars from afar.
He gently kisses twirling joy,
Caresses bits; with closed eyes,
Inhales winds and hugs the stars.
This beauty he'll no more enjoy.

Relentless, he pursues his quest.
By using crystal as a key,
He opens sacred heaven's gate.
He does not stop to warm requests
Of caring winds to drop the key;
Instead, he further seals his fate.

On firmest grounds he lost support.
He cried, but tears did not help.
He prayed, but pleas remained unheard.
He was deported from the port
To seek the way with no help,
And to expect from the unheard.

And now the portal is ajar,
He starts descending down the steps,
Sharp pain derived from every move.
And yet, continues he to move,
And leaves the gray forsaken lands.
His body sleeps, his mind is far.

The leaves descend to keep him warm,
The chimes are singing lullabies.
The crystal shimmers and ignites
The raging, bright, but final storm.
With love, they bid him their goodbyes,
Then all concludes this loving rite.

His warmest dreams he doth behold:
He travels to unknown lands
And learns the ancient tales of lore.
But once safe haven him upholds,
His spirit leaves his closest friends.
At peace he dies, and is no more.